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Integration with Hybris


Hi Guys,

Could anyone give me an insight over episerver commerce integration with SAP Hybris. ? Is there an possibility to integrate both consdiering Episerver as the frontend and Hybris as backend.?

Do we have an any epi ootb adapters which can ease the inetgration or do we need to relay on OCC(omni channel connect webservices) in hybris to produce and consume in Epi ?


Sebin Jose

Sep 29, 2018 18:24

Hi Sebin

Some quick answers for you:

  • Yes its possible, in the same way its possible to integrate with any external platform with Episerver (within reason)
  • No OOTB connectors I know of but some Episerver implementation partners may have done it

You may wish to get in touch with Episerver Expert Services who could assist you in putting the design for such an integration togehter or consider using Episerver Commerce. 


Edited, Sep 30, 2018 17:35

I did a POC/study about the integration few years ago. Tested both the option to synchronize product information from Hybris to Episerver (custom product content in Episerver) and also the option to proxy product calls in Episerver. This part was easy.

I think the challenging part is the basket handling. Are you going to have a custom basket in Episerver or once again proxy the basket handling to Hybris and maintain the basket functionality there. Pros for this naturally is that if all other backend functionality is in Hybris you only need to customize the front-end part all backend stuff will still be the same in Hybris for all channels.

Anyways the integration will be custom implementation.

Sep 30, 2018 18:09
Sep 30, 2018 20:52
Sep 30, 2018 20:53

Hi Sebin, I don't have that POC/study installed anymore on my computer (nore do I have Hybris, this study was done 3 years ago :D). Just quickly had a look at the code in our source control.

I was using the OOTB sites mainly the apparel-uk. So code was doing calls to the rest API like: https://apparel-uk.local:9002/rest/v2/XXXXXX

Then I had custom coded HybrisService that abstracted the Hybris API calls from the calling code. Like getting the catalogs, getting product information, getting products from a category, creating cart, adding and removing items from cart, deleting cart.

I just assume a lot has changed since and some links that were in the code doesn't work anymore so I can't point you to the API documentation. I guess thats now behind the login to Hybris Wiki.

Oct 01, 2018 11:56

Honestly, I would suggest that it would be far easier to integrate Hybris into Episerver Commerce throught the service API.

Then you can easily handle carts, orders, etc. within Epi and then push back into Hybris or ERP. 

Hybris then becomes simply a PIM or integration into the ERP (probably SAP?).

Either way, by this point you will probably be questioning why you have Hybris at all ;-)

Oct 09, 2018 7:45

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Dec 20, 2022 3:53
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