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Should we deploy multiple catalogs on episerver ecommerce?


I am going to deploy multiple catalogs for multiple languages but i am really concern about some issue like performance, searching, or any thing related to best practice of catalog structure in episerver ecommerce

Could you please give me some advice?


Thao Pham

Feb 22, 2019 10:57

What requirement do you have that makes you want to have multiple catalogs for different language? You can have several languages on one same catalog.

Feb 22, 2019 11:09

When it comes to performance, there is no simple answer yes or no, however with proper catalog structuring and data access, 1M SKUs should be no problem, 2M SKUs should be doable, and we are aiming for 10M SKUs

This might provide some insights 

Feb 22, 2019 11:18

Hi Joel,

Actually, we have some issues regarding import catalog/product from xml into episerver conmmerce that need to be implemented as multiple catalogs

for example:

NavigationID is Code of NodeContent, that mean each language will have diffrence code. That why i have to design as multiple catalogs for per language

I just concern about if design as multiple catalogues is  best practice or not, is there any risk?

<Data language="en-sg" value="11DF2E12-AEE0-4ADF-882E-4426D63B0082" />
<Data language="en-hk" value="23F50B97-FB23-4A46-AEEA-A934F0E6983D" />

<Data language="zh-hk" value="23F50B97-FB23-4A46-AEEA-A934F0E6983D" />
<Data language="en-my" value="E943F40A-7D43-43BC-9484-CCDD1A84CE5F" />
<Data language="en-ph" value="8B20EF49-B161-4519-9E02-7E9BD6D1DECA" />
<Data language="id-id" value="50CF257C-1EA3-4243-898C-36FA8CD42984" />
<Data language="km-kh" value="E7222E6A-6CE9-466A-93A3-C05DB3E5C85E" />
<Data language="th-th" value="DA2A6946-9370-4AF2-8729-D8BF1A9AA772" />
<Data language="vi-vn" value="36CC3B5B-6549-41FC-82E3-7615F6D28902" />
<Data language="zh-cn" value="DB5EC63F-CEBC-416A-929C-ADF345806376" />


Thao Pham

Feb 22, 2019 11:29

Why can't you make that a metafield? 

Feb 22, 2019 11:35

Hi Quan Mai,

As you can see, the unique identifier field (code or id) for same node is vary by language, by 'site' to be correct, that why we plan to separated to different catalog. As the data given above, there are 10 languages exists in the system, will be migrate to 9 different catalogs (Since en-HK and zh-HK is 1 site). So, the catalog structure is not our decision to make, we need to mimic the structure of PIM system.

My question is, is the any issues, any technical limitations, challenges we might face off.


Thao Pham

Feb 22, 2019 11:47
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