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PromotionEngine - Custom Promotion not properly excluded



I'm experiencing a problem with promotion exclusions. A custom promotion i created is not excluded from other promotions affecting the same lineitem when i run the promotion-engine or use the extension ApplyDiscounts. If i evaluate the lineItem using Evaluate(), only the one promotion that product should be eligible for is returned.

In my case i have one standard 10% off promotion and one 15% off for a specific brand promotion (which is my custom promotion), in my case the lineitem receives both discounts.

I am passing exclusion-level as a parameter, like this:

 var rewardDescriptions = cart.ApplyDiscounts(promotionService, new PromotionEngineSettings(){ ExclusionLevel = ExclusionLevel.Unit });

But it still returns both promotions, even though they both should exclude all other promotions.

GetFulfillmentStatus() in my processor returns Fulfilled with 1 exclusion. 

Does anyone recognize this?

May 06, 2019 16:52

How do you create your custom promotion and how do you set it "exclude all other promotions"?

May 09, 2019 10:40
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