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Obtaining a price for a specific content reference/variant


Hello all,

I'm working on a feature that requires the lookup of pricing of a particular content reference - here is the code I currently have, based upon the documentation/posts and articles I've read, it looks like I need to use the PriceService to lookup the price based upon a CatalogKey - but I'm unsure on what object, or what service I need to use in order to look up the pricing information?

Currently I have this lookup that is working correctly for retreiving the relevant data:

var contentReference = _referenceConverter.GetContentLink(req.itemCode);

                    List<ContentReference> references = new List<ContentReference>();

                    var variantContent = _contentRepository.GetItems(references, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).Cast<VariationContent>()
                                                    .ToList(); ;

Based upon documentation, I was working on gathering the pricing data for the items in reference by:

decimal price = _priceService.GetPrices(Mediachase.Commerce.MarketId.Default, DateTime.UtcNow,{Catalog_Key?} ,  null);

What is the best method to retrieve the relevant CatalogKey for my loaded data?

Thank you!

Mar 27, 2020 19:11

You can just use the constructor 

new CatalogKey(entryCode);

Mar 27, 2020 20:27
Sean Haddy - Mar 27, 2020 21:12
Like this?
var contentReference = _referenceConverter.GetContentLink(req.itemCode);
var catKey = new CatalogKey(contentReference.ID.ToString());

Not sure what "entryCode" refers to?

You can use ReferenceConverter to get the code from the content link

Mar 27, 2020 20:31
Sean Haddy - Mar 27, 2020 21:14
What method would I use within Reference converter to get the code from the content link?

I see you already have the code, so simply

var catKey = new CatalogKey(req.itemCode);

Mar 28, 2020 8:06
Sean Haddy - Mar 28, 2020 15:18
Item Code in my example is related to a domain entity for our commerce system, the item code for example would be "BB251D00GRY BB30 XTYP" for our catalog system. I believe that this isn't going to work, as if I try to get a catalog key with that particular code, it comes back null for a catalog key. Is there a way to get that code from the content reference?

ReferenceConverter.GetCode(contentLink) should let you do that

Mar 29, 2020 10:48

@Quan I appreciate your help/feedback so far - I actually tried that before, unfortunately the _catalogEntryId on the new Catalog key comes back null when I use Refconv to get the code. Here is some debugging information:

Mar 29, 2020 15:44

You don't need the _catalogEntryId there. For getting prices code is enough

Mar 29, 2020 17:24

Quan, thank you for your help - after that didn't work I did some more investigation with our solution. Based upon the new implementation that was made with our D365 integration, our partner setup a custom pricing system that queries our ERP retail server directly for the pricing information. Due to this, the pricing information isn't available on the item/sku level within Episerver - which is why my retrieval methods were unsuccessful using the out-of-the-box methods. Sorry for wasting your time, I appriciate your replying and providing information about this lookup.

Mar 29, 2020 19:03
Quan Mai - Mar 30, 2020 6:56
No worries, glad that you solved the problem
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