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Discount price set up



I have a question about discounts. My customer have created a campaign with a 3-for-2 get the cheapest item for free-discount.

This is modelled like the price of the cheapest product is set to NOK 0,-. This gives them problems in their ERP in relation to returns. They therefore prefer to have the discounted price to be shared between the three products in question.So that:

  • If you buy three products – one product for NOK 150,-, one for NOK 130,- and one for NOK 90,-, it should be subtracted from all three products.
  • That would mean that it should be withdrawn NOK 30,- from each product.
  • The most expensive product would be NOK 120,-, the next NOK 120,- and the cheapest NOK 60,-.

Is this at all possible to set up in Episerver out of the box?

We would really appreciate your help.Thanks in advance.

Jun 23, 2020 12:30

Returning items with discounts that have multiple items as criteria is always hard. This is so tied to how the underlying ERP, OMS and receipt system all work. Your ERP might be better off with not having a product being 0 cost, but what would be your approach if you buy these 3 products and then return 1 of the items? Does the customer get to keep the NOK 30,- reduction for each item, or do you need to adjust the price and maybe charge the customer more at the return? Does the receipt management support changing of prices after a receipt has been generated or do you need to create a completely new receipt? Etc...

My point is this tricky and too hard for a framework to make a decision that will affect all of their commerce customers. And making this change is too small anyway to help answer all above question. So long story short, no, it's not possible to set up this behavior out of the box. But epi is very extensible, so you always have the possibility of implementing it yourself :)

Jun 23, 2020 13:55
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