Epi Commerce Media Hosting in S3



We are getting ready to build our ecommerce site using episerver. We have a few questions related to media assets. We plan to use our existing CRM infrastructure as a PIM for the site. We plan to have a different interface to create/edit   products/variants in the PIM along with uplaoding the  product/variant related media files to our S3 Repository. We will be using some kind of scheduled job to import all this data to Epi Commerce. Please note: We host Episerver locally on our own web servers. We do not host our cms assets on S3 and we do not want to move them to S3 at this time. ( just the comemrce media would be on S3) Do we have to create copies of media from S3 back into the Episerver when we import the products to use existing Media Assets infrastructure that comes out of the box from Epi? We want to make use of the out of the box Comemrce Api's as much as possible. Does anybody see any issues with the above. We are still in the intitial stages and would like to know about any potential issues.


Mohan B

Jun 23, 2020 17:03

There is an S3 blob provider in the Episerver.Amazon package.  This will allow you to use s3 for all your blob storage.  If you just want to use for commerce media then you would need to override some core commerce services to pull from s3 and this could be quite difficult.  You could also just create meta fields on the commerce objects to store s3 path to the images

Jun 29, 2020 20:35

Thanks Mark. Due to our specific need, I just went ahead with the option of adding them as meta fields as we dont really need any of our editors to get to the Epi cataloging admin ui to manage stuff..We have a separate PIM interface for that. 

Jul 16, 2020 21:45
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