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Post "/episerverapi/commerce/carts" giving "501 - Not Implemented"


I am trying to make a simple proof of concept Episerver ServiceApi Commerce client. 

I can get a token and create a product just fine. I can't seem to create a Cart however.

Every time I try to Post to "/episerverapi/commerce/carts", I get a "501 - Not Implemented" error.

Any ideas on what could be causing this and how I might resolve it?


Nuget Package Versions: 

EPiServer.ServiceApi.Commerce  v5.4.5

EPiServer.Commerce  v13.30.0

EPiServer.CMS - v.11.20.5

May 20, 2021 18:05


Are you following this -

And sending the required parameters?

May 20, 2021 18:26

I was sending the required fields, but thanks to the link posted by Ravindra I found a single line "501 - Serializable carts feature is enabled and that feature is not supported here." which led me down a rabbit hole of serializable carts. 

It looks like serializable carts were released in Jan of 2017 and Episerver still hasn't updated it's tools to handle them? Apparently that is why the Cart Manager in the UI is broken too? Over 4 years after a feature is released and still 2 major other features are completely incompatible with it? It should also be noted that no mention of this endpoint being broken on new installs / serializable carts is in any of the other documentation pages I have been using, including

in fact this last page mentions using "JsonConvert.SerializeObject(model);" with a Cart - which is what I thought "Serializeable Carts" was refering to at first, because it is serializing a cart.

Is there a plan to update these features to work with serializable carts, or is the only option to disable serializable carts?

Edited, May 20, 2021 19:04

Based on documentation, If the Serializable carts feature is enabled, returns NotImplemented.

Aug 13, 2021 3:26

@Mahdi Shahbazi yes, as I said in my second post, it says that in only ONE of the FOUR places that episerver has documentation about this endpoint. Further, it doesn't specify that the serialization mentioned is NOT the same as the serialization that you use to actually use the endpoint but instead is refering to a database feature. Last, this was broken FOUR YEARS ago and has still never been fixed.

Edited, Aug 13, 2021 14:29

If you are using serializable cart mode, most if not all cart operations are not supported, i.e. it would return 501 like you saw.

I share you concern that it was not supported after a long time. I will raise the question to the commerce team 

Edited, Aug 16, 2021 14:38

Created bug COM-13994 (more like a feature request). Will take time to be released eventually, however

Aug 16, 2021 14:40
jamaurer - Feb 21, 2022 15:25
Hi, I was trying to find this bug in the bug list but was not able to with the number you specified. I was wondering if this was still in the pipeline or not?
Quan Mai - Feb 21, 2022 16:48
It was converted to a story. there is no time line for it however
jamaurer - Feb 21, 2022 16:58
Thanks for the quick response! We will have to write our own API method to accomplish this for the time being right now.
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