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We're having issues finding records inside of commerce manager that we can find in order management


Version 13.30 of Commerce Manager

Orders are placed on the site. They can be found in Order Management, but they can't be edited there. Going to Commerce Manager and performing an Order Management search on the same email (complete)/customer name/purchase order # doesn't return the same records. We have carts that are choking for some reason that our developers are looking into, however the short-term resolution is to clear the cart. The problem is it can't be found sometimes. We are trying to determine what is being returned as a positive search result. 3 orders show up in Order Management when searching by email but one order shows in Commerce Manager. 

My first admission is that I'm not very familiar with the commerce side of Episerver. I found in the documentation that the Order Management (OM) allows wildcards in the email search where Commerce Manager (CM) does not. We are finding many interesting variations in the search criteria where some work and some don't. For example, we have found that by limiting the dates we can find things where if we leave the dates as "all" they don't show up, in CM, which I understand is legacy.

As a developer, my first inclination is to decompile the source code and see if there are differences in the way OM and CM search for things. That would help me direct the person to be able to search what (s)he needs to edit. Order groups and Order forms. for example. Unfortunately, I cannot decompile the source code.

Apart from creating custom pages to do things like clear carts using code behind, what is behind the search functionality in the order management section of the commerce manager so that I can properly instruct the order managment team how to search for orders? I want to know what is behind the "customer name" or "email" search boxes in the old commerce manager.

I appreciate anything anyone can do to help me with this. I don't know if it's a search issue or if it's a CM issue. 

Edited, Jun 24, 2021 6:27

Hi Nick,

Can you elaborate on not being able to edit orders in Order Management?

It feels like you are trying to communicate that Commerce Manager and Order Management are showing different data. Can you double check you're configs for both CMS and Commerce project are pointing to the same database? Are you running the databases locally?

(I have seen sometimes, development teams are all pointing to the integration dxp database to save having to isntall sql server on their local and thus some anomolies can occur)

Jul 05, 2021 11:52
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