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AutoSuggestSelection ISelectionQuery Property Not Updating or Triggering a Change



We have implemented the ISelectionQuery and applied it to a property using AutoSuggestSelection attribute. After doing so we have noticed a weird issue where the property isn't updating correctly in all scenarios. Here are all the scenarios we tested in the commerce UI for a product.

  1. No typing in the field, just using the cursor to expand the dropdown and select an option.
  2. Typing in the field and then selecting the option using the cursor.
  3. Typing in the field and then waiting a second for the top option to get selected.
  4. Typing in the field and then tabbing to the next field really quickly.

Scenarios 1-3 are working correctly. They are properly triggering the page to auto save and the publish button to appear when focus leaves the field.

The weird issue occurs with scenario 4, the field is updated in the UI with a new value but it does not trigger the page to auto save or the publish button to appear. If the user then updates another field the page auto saves and the publish button appears. If the user then either publishes or navigates away and comes back to the page the field shows the initial pre-update value. There seems to be an issue with the value updating correctly.

Has anyone ran into this issue before?



Jul 27, 2022 0:09
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