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Listing problems

The second level PageTree doesn't show, any Ideas why??? ASPX: a_regionNames[<%=region_index%>] = "<%#container.currentpage.pagename%>"; <%#contactlista%> > a2D_countryNames[<%=region_index%>] = new Array('- select -' ,'<%#container.currentpage.pagename%>' ); CS: public abstract class ContactScript : UserControlBase { protected EPiServer.WebControls.MenuList ContactListA; protected EPiServer.WebControls.PageTree ContactListB; protected EPiServer.WebControls.MenuList ContactListC; protected System.Web.UI.WebControls.Literal MetaTagGenerator; public int region_index=0; private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { DataBind(); if(!IsPostBack) { ContactListA.DataBind(); ContactListB.DataBind(); } } } Thanks in advance! // Tony
Oct 19, 2005 16:01
Have anyone an answer to this? Im trying to do something similiar. I want to use a pagetree instead to be able to use the NumberOfLevels property but it won't display anything. If I change the PageTree to a pagelist it works so the databinding seems to be correct. If i use the PageLink property on the pagetree it also displays data. itemtemplate etc itemtemplate etc /Per
May 23, 2007 14:46
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