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Using XForms for displaying a query on all pages (setting MainXForm as dynamic property)

Hi I’m trying to display a "short query" in a common listing that appears on all pages in a site. My problem is that the EPIeditor can’t handle a dynamic XForm property type. You get a java-script error. The DynamicProperty page is missing some js code. Has anyone suggestions how i can put a guery in this global way (the simplest way…) /Janne
Dec 21, 2005 14:25
Just wanted to let you know that we've now registered it as a bug that the XForm dialog doesn't work if used as a dynamic property. What you could do is to create your own property to use as a dynamic property. There you change the dialog. For example, instead of the usual dialog, just create a dropdown list with all existing XForms to chose from. You won't be able create new forms, but you will be able to use any XForm created on a normal page with the standrad property. Create a class and inherit from PropertyXForm. Override the method CreateChildControls with something like the following. public override void CreateChildControls(string renderType,System.Web.UI.Control container) { switch(renderType) { case "edit": /* Use XFormStatisticsDB.GetAllXForms() to get a list of all XForms. Create a dropdown list with those as elements. */ CopyWebAttributes(container,dropdown); container.Controls.Add(dropdown); container.Controls.Add(CreateParseValidator(dropdown)); break; default: base.CreateChildControls(renderType,container); break; } }
Dec 28, 2005 15:44
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