EPiServer SharePoint Connector demo set-up

Has anyone out there successfully set up the EPiServer SharePoint demo? I've tried to do this several times, but keep failing for various reasons (the greatest being my lack of knowledge of SharePoint). I'm using the Installation notes from the download, but I'm a bit confused as to which directory is which: 1. When the notes refer to "the WSS-Root", is this the SharePoint site's root directory? 2. Which directory is meant by "the SharePoint Application Folder"? 3. Should I expect there to be a bin directory there already? The symptoms I'm getting when attempting to add an EPiServer Web Part to a site are either "Cannot add Web Part to the Web Part Page. For more assistance, contact your site administrator.", or "The Web Part is not marked as Safe". Thanks in advance, Mark.
Feb 21, 2005 15:56
Hi. WSS-Root stands for Windows Sharepoint Services Root folder, and is (by default) c:\inetpub\wwwroot. This folder does not have any bin folder after installation, so you have to create it manually. See to it that you set the spwebservices as an "excluded path". There should be another posting in this forum about that. Or you can check the admin doc's for WSS. you must also set the WSS site to use MEDIUM safety to be able to use the WebParts added by EPiServer. I have successfully installed a connector on an intranet, but I don't have it in front of me right now. Please post additional questions if you don't get it to work. Frank :)
Feb 22, 2005 10:19
Thanks for the information, Frank. Unfortunately I've had no joy. Perhaps if I describe the configuration of our server, that might help... We are running under Windows Server 2003. We have an EpiServer 4.41 sample site, home directory is W:\Web Sites\EPiSample. Other than importing English sample content, we haven't done anything else to this site yet. I have used SharePoint Portal Services to create a new SharePoint web-site, home directory is W:\Web Sites\EPiShare. I have edited the EPiShare config.xml to include the entries etc. In the EpiShare home directory I have done the following: - Added the SPWebServices directory containing the SPDataFactory.asmx file. - Added a directory called "bin", containing the various DLLs. - Added a wpcatalog directory, containing the .dwp files. In SharePoint, I have made SPWebServices an excluded path. I have also added the DLLs to the GAC, just in case. If I browse the SharePoint site, I can see the EPiServer web parts, but I get the error "Cannot add Web Part to the Web Part Page. For more assistance, contact your site administrator." when I attempt to add any of them.
Feb 22, 2005 17:31
The SPWebServices folder must be a virtual catalog in the IIS, not a Web Application. The web.config must have in the bottom. The EPiServer dll's must be placed in the :\Web Sites\EPiShare\bin folder. Also make sure that you actually are able to run the Web Service (run http://wss_sitename/spwebservices/spdatafactory.asmx). Log in with the username and password you have entered to use from episerver to wss to access this web service (stated in the episerver's web.config file), i.e. Frank :)
Feb 22, 2005 22:01
I can't see anything about EpiServer.dll in WhitePaper for Installin SharePoint demo? Should also EpiServer.dll be some place in SharePoint?
Sep 28, 2005 11:00
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