How to catch new users data on page admin/EditUser.aspx

Hi! Our customer need to have special functionality on page admin/edituser.aspx. I'm just adding new user control to this page, but I have problem with saving data. I need to have access to data was entered on page before saving (like user name and surname). Is it possible to catch these properties before saving (or catch event - like page was saved)? Regards M.Kierepka
Sep 14, 2005 13:05
As far as I see this is impossible? These properties are stored using PropertyDataForm which don't have public property controls... I can have access to EditForm: ? this.Parent.FindControl("EditForm") {EPiServer.SystemControls.PropertyDataForm} But I don't see any sub controls which EditForm contains: ? this.Parent.FindControl("EditForm").Controls {System.Web.UI.ControlCollection} System.Object: {System.Web.UI.ControlCollection} _controls: _defaultCapacity: 5 _growthFactor: 4 _owner: {EPiServer.SystemControls.PropertyDataForm} _readOnlyErrorMsg: null _size: 0 _version: 0 Count: 0 <--- here What I want is to have access to fields: UserName FirstName LastName Other are not so important for me. Any ideas? Regards M.Kierepka
Sep 14, 2005 15:18
Use the GuiPlugIn attribute, with SidSettingsArea as PlugInArea. Implement the ISidSettings interface (LoadSettings and SaveSettings.) That should hopefully do what you need. /Steve
Sep 14, 2005 15:21
Yes! This is exactly what I want! Thx! Regards M.Kierepka
Sep 14, 2005 18:15
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