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New layouts in Portal Framework

I'm working on a demo that uses the EPiServer Portal Framework that ships with EPiServer 4.51. In the "Design" view mode you can choose between two layouts for a particular tab, "One column" or "Three columns". I want to be able to add more layouts, e.g. "Two columns". I have created a file "/templates/units/WsrpTwoColumnLayout.ascx", but this is apparently not enough to make the new layout available. I've searched all the files in the project that relate to wsrp and the portal, but I can't figure out what I am missing. A few more questions: When will Portal Framework 1.1 be available? At the same time as EPiServer 4.60? Will there be more extensive documentation connected to that release?
Jan 27, 2006 11:38
Hi Maria, Unfortunately this have not been documented as thoroughly as you migth expect and as you obviously already figured out. I am truly sorry for that. Any way, in order to build your own layout you do the following: - Build a user control that implements the development.Templates.Wsrp.Consumer.IPortalLayout interface which basically means that you implement three simple properties. Look at WsrpSingleColumnLayout and WsrpSingleColumnLayout for inspiration. - In your WsrpPortal page, register your layout controls in the "Layout Controls" property as a comma separated list. Ex: /templates/units/WsrpThreeColumnLayout.ascx,/templates/units/WsrpSingleColumnLayout.ascx ... and you should be good to go! Regarding Portal Framework 1.1, We are taking a new approach for the 4.60 release. The consumer part of our portal technology will now be ASP.NET 2.0 WebParts based. We will offcourse support the old framework for some time but our focus with respect to portal UI will be on our new WebPart support. Although the "old" framework is less than a year old we still think that the change is relevant and necessary, to be able to keep up with the requirements from the developer community. The good thing is that this gives us a great combination of WSRP and WebPart support in the same UI. regards Fredrik Tjärnberg
Feb 09, 2006 23:05
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