Access was denied to page

I have a number of user groups, each has read access to a different hidden part of the tree structure. When the user is not logged in and tries to view these parts of the tree structure they are redirected to the login screen. However, now we come to the problem, When I log in as user in group 'A' i can view branch 'A' no problem. But if i navigate to branch 'B' (Which group 'A' does not have access too) rather than being redirected to the login screen is get the access denied message. The same is happening for all my groups. Can anyone provide me with some help on this subject. Thanks in advance Ben
Nov 30, 2006 9:47
This is by design (just love that phrase :-) ) If you are logged in, you will get an error that states that you do not have the neccessary access rights to view the page. Only anonymous users are redirected to the login page. If you search the language xml files under /lang for the text you see on the access denied page, you could change it, and add a link to the login page too. For an example: "You current credentials do not allow you to see this page. If you want to log in using different credentials click here." - or something like that. But, how many persons would actually have this problem? Do they have different logins to the system? Is that neccessary? /Steve
Nov 30, 2006 12:16
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