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Discussion forum alternatives - EpiServer, phpBB, or other?

We want message board / disucussion forum functionality in an intranet portal running EpiServer, and need some advice from you guys. There are several requirements for the forum: 1. Must be integrated into the Active Directory and use Windows Authentication 2. Should be easily integrated into the EpiServer portal 3. Should have some sort of user rights administration to configure read/write rights on different parts of the forum 4. Should ideally be a .NET solution Should we use the EpiServer forum, or rather some other forum implementation, such as phpBB? Do you have suggestions for other alternatives? The EpiServer Forum I'm sure integrate into AD/Windows Authentication and the rest of the EpiServer portal as a breeze, but I don't think the forum functionality is quite as good as for instance phpBB. As for the phpBB forum, I think the functionality is excellent, while I'm not sure how easy it will be to use it with Windows Authentication. What's the advice of the developer community? Thanks, Yngvar Johnsen and Andreas Knudsen B | yngvar johnsen, manager E | +47 982 19 320 K | bekk consulting as, pb. 134 sentrum, 0102 oslo, norway K |
Nov 16, 2006 15:45
Hi, phpBB is great but mixing php and asp .net wouldn't be the natural choice for me. Community Server could be an alternative, I haven't tried it myself but it is based on .net and it should be possible to implement a single sign on. Have a look at this discussion: /René
Nov 17, 2006 13:04
I know this is a very late reply using jumper cables on this topic but... What did you end up using? I have been running something called YAF (Yet Another Forum) for quite some time now. And it is really great, check it out. It is .NET based and open source. So there is no reason why you can't actually implement the feature you are looking for and have it work side by side with EPiServer. You will find more info here:
Apr 11, 2007 10:31
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