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EPiServer.LogService and several sites, different dbs, on same server

Suppose you got two EPiServer instances with one database pr. instance and you want to log statistics for use with RealTimeAnalyzerView. Is it possible to get the EPiServer.LogService to log to different databases for each site on a server? How? Is it done automagically? Im not sure if this is the right questions either actually, since it may be that I do not need two logging instances and may log all instances to one database (not tested). Anyone have any advice on how to handle the logging/statistics in this or comparable scenario?
Nov 23, 2006 9:27
The logging is designed so that all sites on a server can have the same database, all data is storde together with the sitename as a key for finding data for the specific site. This can also be a problem, if the sitename is change for any reason all statistics will "obsolete". Change it manually in the database to fix. If you have the data in the same database it might be a good idea to have a separate database only for the statistics. If you really want the statistics data to be in different databases you can set up the UDP call to different IP's/ports for different sites and have services on different machines listen on different ports. I dont know if there is an smart ways to accomplich this without having different physical machines, but there might be. Take a look at for advanced use of the logging service. /HAXEN
Nov 24, 2006 9:13
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