Fetch submenu in PageTree from other location

We have a PageTree control in which we need to link one of the menuitems to another location in the structure. We tried to "fetch data from other Page" but the menu doesn't expand when pressed. We also tried a "shortcut to other page" but it doesn't work either. Is it possible to fetch part of a menu like we want to? /Björn
Nov 30, 2006 15:45
It is possible, by doing a GetChildren on that page, replacing it (in the pagetree) with the result and making sure the Indent property is correct. However, if the user clicks any of those links, she will be redirected to another part of the site (where you fetched the pages from), and the context will change. This is a bad idea, and very confusing for the user. So, although possible, I would not recommend it. Read this: http://www.episerver.com/en/EPiServer_Knowledge_Center/developerforum/EPiServer-Developer-Forums-/1805/A-question-about-Friendly-URLs-functionality-or-whatever-else-that-works/ for some interesting views on structure and navigation. /Steve
Nov 30, 2006 19:16
I'm not sure I understand. On which page should I do GetChildren and how do I connect it to PageTree? The problem we have is that the PageTree does not show any children below the "fetched" node in the menu. Clicking on the menuitem, makes it selected, but it doesn't expand the children. It seems like the "fetched" Page doesn't respond to the click on the menu or that the menu it self doesn't understand that the fetched Page have children. Björn
Dec 01, 2006 8:19
A fetched page does not expand its children. This is by design. The fetched page is only a placeholder, with information fetched from antoher page. It is not a link to it, so this will not work out of the box. As I said, it is possible, but it is a lot of work, so I cannot recommend it. You'd have to fake the hierarchy of the pages, as they belong elsewhere in the page tree. For an example, if you were to expand the fetched page, and show its children. If the user clicked one of the children, and you have a bread-crumb on the page, how would that be displayed? Shuold the path be the currently showing context (which is the most intuitive), or the original context (from where it was fetched)? As you see, the context of a page (it's place in the hierarchy) is quite important, and moving a page out of it's context through code is tricky and complex. There are a lot of dependencies that would/could break. /Steve
Dec 01, 2006 12:53
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