Modify data in PageTreeData

We need to modify which pages to be shown in a PageTree control. Some of the pages should not be shown according to some rules. Is it possible to get the children pages and remove some of them from the control? /Björn
Nov 29, 2006 9:03
Sure, you can either apply a filter to the control, or create your own DataSource where you populate your own PageDataCollection. The filter alternative is prettier and more cache-friendly, so I would go with that. Here's an example where a certain page type is removed from the collection: private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { MyPageTree.Filter += new FilterEventHandler(MyPageTree_Filter); } private void MyPageTree_Filter( object sender, EPiServer.Filters.FilterEventArgs e) { PageDataCollection pdc = e.Pages; for(int i=0; i< pdc.Count; i++) { if(pdc[i].PageTypeName.Equals("PageType to remove")) { pdc.RemoveAt(i); i--; } } } There is a technical preview in the library called "Implementing Filters in EPiServer" for further reference. /Marten
Nov 29, 2006 10:16
I tried to implement exactly what you suggested, but I can't get the event handler to work. I doesn't reach the code in the event method - like this (submenu is a PageTree control). If I do the same thing with a PageList it works fine. Shouldn't it work in a PageTree control? protected void Page_Init (object sender, EventArgs e) { submenu.Filter += new FilterEventHandler(submenu_Filter); } public void submenu_Filter (object sender, EPiServer.Filters.FilterEventArgs e) { PageDataCollection pdc = e.Pages; pdc.RemoveAt(0); } /Björn
Nov 29, 2006 13:48
Hm, that is strange. I have no direct answer to that, as I thought that would work fine. How about this then: Wrap the item content in to a panel which you decide should be visible or not in a code-behind function, here titled IsVisible which should return a boolean value. If it will be set to false, the inside content of the panel will not be rendered.
Nov 29, 2006 14:36
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