EPiServer Questions

Having trawled the docs we wanted to know if the following are possible, and if not out-of-the-box, can we build this easily: 1) Would it be possible to approve tasks from a mobile device within EPiServer? 2) Is it possible to search ‘the content on the page’ as an editor and not just the page ids? 3) Is it possible to add custom metadata to files added through the file manager? 4) Is it possible to determine what pages link to a particular image and/or document within the file manager? 5) Are there any EPiServer live sites that are single A accessible rated, or near double A that we can reference? Regards, Cleve
Dec 20, 2006 10:45
Hi Cleve, I will try and answer some of your questions. 1) It would be possible, but you will have to build that GUI yourself. The API have all the functions needed to deal with tasks. 2) If you mean the search box in the editenviroment under the pagetree browser, it finds pages based on ID or PageName. We usually deliver an extra tab on the pageview where the editor can search all pages under the select one in different ways. It's a good help if the site is big. 3) By modifying the cummary.config in folder docrepository the matadata dialog for files can be changed, I think it only affects versioned file repositories thogh. 4) Nope. 5) I'm not sure about the rating levels, but you can look at http://www.lul.se Hope this helps you! Regards, /HAXEN
Dec 22, 2006 14:27
Ops a bug in the editor or FFE! http://www. lul.se/ /HAXEN
Dec 22, 2006 14:29
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