XForms property default value

Hello, I have a page template with an XForms property on. I want a specific XForm to be a default value for all pages created from this page type. What is the Default value text box expecting? A string or an integer renders nothing when creating the page other than a server error "Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes when trying to open the XForm attach dialog. Does anyone know this? Regards /Mårten Berg
Dec 04, 2006 23:25
I found out the answer myself and posting it here if anyone needs it sometime. It is indeed expecting a GUID. The only way I found to retrieve this value was by creating a page with the XForm property on, naming it something, and inserting the XForm I want to default into its property. Then, I open the Query Analyzer in SQL Server and run this query: SELECT pr.String AS GUID FROM tblProperty pr, tblPageDefinition pd, tblPage pa WHERE pr.fkPageDefinitionID = pd.pkID AND pr.fkPageID = pa.pkID AND pa.Name LIKE '%(The page name here)%' AND pd.Name = '(Name of the XForm property here)' Take this value and insert into the default value text box on your page type in admin mode. Dirty, yes. But I found no better way of doing this. Regards, /Marten
Dec 06, 2006 22:48
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