Pagesearch and documents

Hi I'm using the search template to search for documents. Unfortunately the links that are being returned are always incorrect. Here's the search control i'm using: And here's the entries in my web.config: So, if upload a file (e.g. Test.txt) in "FOI Documents" in EPiServer, the PageSearch returns the following PageLinkURL: There are two things that are wrong with this: the presence of "/templates" and the duplication of the name of the file. What i want is: Also, curiously, if I change the "UnifiedSearchLocations" value to read: UnifiedSearchLocations="/Documents, /FOI Documents"> then the url reads which is better, but not quite there. Interestingly the url is fine if i upload the same file to the "Documents" area instead. Any ideas? (I am using EPiServer 4.51 BTW). Thanks Tak
Apr 11, 2006 19:23
A quick note on this as I managed to get to the bottom of the problem. It turns out it was a bug in EPiServer 4.51. Applying hotfix 5 seems to have solved it. Tak
May 30, 2006 17:07
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