Extracting user details

Hi, I'm looking to run a bulk mailer to send out newsletters to our subscribed users but I'm unable to see a way of extracting the data from EPi, I know you can extract it manually, but can anyone suggest a way of retrieving the data directly? Many thanks, - Jon
May 03, 2006 18:23
Hi. If you are referring to personalized properties on users, you should use the API. Loop through the users, and extract each users' personlalized properties using the PersonalizedData class. If you do need to access the data directly from the table in the database, see the table tblUserProperty. For reading properties in this table, I created a User-Defined Function (in SQL) for reading out the properties. Frank :)
May 04, 2006 12:04
Cracking! Thanks, - Jon
May 04, 2006 12:08
Frank-Ove to the rescue again! Thanks for your continuing support on the forums, it is really appreciated! Just a side note, regarding direct database access. I understand the need for doing queries against the tblUserProperty table, espesically as the API solution would mean looping over all users instead of a quick select statement. However, if you look at the new membership provider in ASP.NET 2.0, you could be coding yourself into a blind alley. I don't know when, or how, or even if EPiServer will go down that road, but if that happens, make sure you code in a way that isolates database access to a minimum, and also something that could be easily replaced if needed. /Steve
May 04, 2006 14:58
Hello guys I'm revamping this thread because looping through user collection is exactly what I want to do. Is there API for getting all users, users members of some group and similar? Thanx
May 08, 2007 15:05
Yes, look at the Sid, UserSid, GroupSid and SidCollection classes in the DataFactory namespace. /Steve
May 08, 2007 16:35
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