Why can I not include properties ??

We have a number of templates in our project and a whole bunch of user controls. These user controls are used on quite a few of the templates. The issue I have is that when I create a new page type I need always to create all the properties that the user controls on that page use too. This is a real pain, it would be better if I could create 'user control properties' and then in my page type simply 'include' them. It's also a real pain if I edit a user control to say add a new property, then I need to edit very 'page type' where that propety is used. This is taking me ages, it's also laborious and boring. Does anyone know of any work arounds for this ? Thanks Jim
Jun 30, 2006 12:05
Well, it might not be a workaround, but it makes the job less boring. It is called "PageTypeUtil", and you can find it on https://www.coderesort.com/projects/epicode/wiki/EPiPageTypeUtil/About It lets you copy properties from one page type to another, import many properties in one go (from an xml file), change sort order of page types and properties, and more. Note, you need to register and apply for membership, but the module is free, and includes source code. /Steve
Jul 03, 2006 15:43
Hi Steve, This is excellent, exactly what I need. I have written a small add in which will allow users to edit the language XML files from the admin section. Let me know if you want this code to add in to your collection of add ins etc Jim
Jul 04, 2006 17:04
I've been looking for such an add-in for quite some time, so YES :-) Actually, you've got all the neccessary access rights to add it yourself (using TortoiseSVN). If you want to, I can add it for you (adding you first project is always a little bit cumbersome if you haven't been using CodeResort for some time.) Send it to me, and I'll put it up on the site. /Steve
Jul 06, 2006 12:11
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