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Access was denied to page

Hi, I'm getting an error on one of my portal pages that only the visitors get when browsing the site. On this page, the visitor can view different versions of a certain page. PageVersionCollection colVersion = PageVersion.List ( CommonFunctions.getPagesByPageType ("GW_StartPage")[0].PageLink ); PageDataCollection colHomePage = new PageDataCollection(); for (int i=0; i < colVersion.Count; i++) { if ((colVersion[i].Status == VersionStatus.Published) || (colVersion[i].Status == VersionStatus.PreviouslyPublished)) { PageData pdHome = Global.EPDataFactory.GetPage ( colVersion[i].ID ); // <---- error colhomepage.add (pdhome); } }> The line PageData pdHome = Global.EPDataFactory.GetPage ( colVersion[i].ID ); throws this error : Access was denied to page 1114_2860 I'm almost 100% sure that it is because I'm trying to get page that has been previously published. Any idea how to get pass this so that all users can use this page? Thanks Danie
Jul 06, 2006 15:45
Hello Daniel! The users have to have edit-access to view versions of the page. Either, you can assign these access rights to them or you could specify what access rights should be required for the call, for instance: PageData pdHome = Global.EPDataFactory.GetPage ( colVersion[i].ID, AccessLevel.Read );
Jul 19, 2006 14:40
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