Edit Heading

Hi, I have a property named "Title" of type string<=255. my edit heading is "* title:". but when going to the page the property (edit mode), episerver re-formats "* title:" to "title". why is this happening and how can it be fixed ? thanks danie>
Jul 19, 2006 10:38
Hi, its seems that this happens because the property is named : "Title", which is a reserved word in Episerver. I've tried to manually set the Edit Heading in the Global.asax, but still the Edit Heading is "Title". Loaded_Page event if (e.Page.Property["Title"] != null) { PropertyData propTitle = e.Page.Property["Title"]; propTitle.DisplayName = "* Title:"; propTitle.OwnerTab = (int)EditTab.Information; } If anyone knows of a quick fix, it will be really appreciated. Thanks Danie
Jul 19, 2006 11:05
The text is loaded from one of the xml files in the /lang directory. Open the templateLanguageEN.xml file, and search for . If you create your own .xml file in the same directory, give it a name like "z_overrides.xml" (the files are read alphabetically) and give it this content: * Title Some descriptive text for the tooltip That should do the trick. /Steve
Jul 19, 2006 15:36
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