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Original parent page of deleted page

Hi! Does any one know how to get the parent page of a page before it was deleted? I need to retrieve properties form a startpage from the deleted page. The startpage can differ, this because we are in a Enterprice solution where there exist several startpages. How can I retrieve the current instance's startpage? A feature req. would be to be to have a recycle bin for each instance. The ID of the recycle bin could be set in webConfig for each instance. Another req. is that EPiServer could handle restoring deleted pages from the recycle bin.
Jul 06, 2006 13:21
The only way (I know of) to get the original location of a page before it was deleted is to store it in the page when it is being deleted. E.g. Add a new property to all your pagetypes called RestorePage, then hook into the MovingPage event in the DataFactory and capture pages moving to the recycle bin. When a page is being moved to the recycle bin store it's current parent in the new property. You could then create a custom plug-in to the editor for a restore function.
Jul 06, 2006 23:36
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