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How do I get IntelliSense in VS2005

The procedure for getting IntelliSense described in the SDK within VS works for VS2003 but not VS2005? How do I get IntelliSense in VS2005? Cheers
Aug 22, 2006 12:59
It should work out of the box by including the / element in web.config. Point 7 on the list for using the ASP.NET 2.0 templates found here: /Steve
Aug 22, 2006 13:58
Strange... I already have the following in the web.config: but it stil does not work...
Aug 22, 2006 14:18
Hm, actually, as you mention it, I too have problems with intellisense, but only in user controls, if I have no containing control. intellisense does not work here Here intellisense works
Here too
but not here... strange
In a web form (.aspx) using master pages, only asp:content works, as expected, that is the only control you should have at the root level. In master pages, intellisense works for me. Looks like a bug in VS 2005 to me. /Steve
Aug 22, 2006 16:20
I just doscovered something. In user controls, IntelliSense for EPiServer controlls is not working unless I'm inside an DIV.....
Dec 14, 2007 10:48
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