Problem with Adobe Flash file - unable to open files

Hello, I've put a swf file in a /upload/flash/site/my.swf, When using the object/embed tag the flash is displayed. This flash file uses some xml files which is supposed to be in the same folder as the swf file. But it is not able to access these files. I've tried using the swf file on a html-file on my C:-drive and it opens and works fine and is able to access the xml files. I've also tried using it on a non-epi/non-IIS webserver where it also worked. I've checked the NTFS-permissions, which are inherited and there shouldnt be any issue there. I can also access the xml-file by typing the full address of it in a browser. Could somebody provide me with some help with this issue? Thanks in Advance.
Aug 22, 2006 12:10
Could it be inside your flash code? Have you checked our IIS logs on the server, that the flash is actually attempting to fetch the xml file? How does the flash determine where to find the xml file? Could there be something there? /Steve
Aug 22, 2006 14:03
Hello Steve - thanks for a quick reply, I haven't really access to the Flash Code but I Would assume it would break when running from my local machine and/or Apache web server as well. The flash accepts a parameter where i can specify the path for the xml file, I have tried both relative and absolute path for the xml file but none of it seems to work. As for the logs I'll check them out.
Aug 22, 2006 14:40
Your flash might look for the XML-file in the directory that the templatefile is located in. ie. relative to the templatefile that includes the swf /snive
Aug 22, 2006 15:14
Hello again Steve and others, I checked the Log files for IIS (thanks for the tip) and indeed what i noticed that regardless of what locationparameter i specified, the logfile for IIS always showed a request for the file in the templates folder for EpiServer. So the question now is, is there any mechanism in EpiServer which would force the filerequest to go to the templates folder? PS: Sorry about the diffrent usernames, I was using another developers login. :)
Aug 22, 2006 15:17
Snive, as I just wrote you are absolutely correct but the question then is, how can I make it get it outside the folder.
Aug 22, 2006 15:18
Hm, you could try to base href everything, but that would wreck havoc on your relative paths (images and styles). I'd try to find out why the path you give to the flash does not work. Perhaps it is expecting it to be in some special format? Try to give it a nonexisting strange path, and check your logs again - it should show you a 404. If that also fails, you need to resort to a network analyzer. First try Fiddler ( ) or Http Analyzer (IE Inspector) and see if the http traffic from the flash shows up there. You might have to resort to a lower level analyzer if that does not help, like Network Monitor (MS) or Ethereal. /Steve
Aug 22, 2006 16:31
You'll probably need to fix the flash so it gets the url inparameter right or set the url to the XML fixed in the flash /snive
Aug 22, 2006 17:01
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