Problems with left menu

We have a menu to the left in the web site, I think it is a copy of the EPi-user control "Menu". In my browser (IE 6.0) it looks fine but a couple of others have problem with the menu. It doesn't fall down in second level as it should and the dots next to them is put together in a strange way. These two persons also have IE 6.0 with SP2 installed, just as I have. Can someone help me find the reason to this problem? Ulrica
Aug 30, 2006 21:02
The menu control, and most of the other controls are template controls, meaning - you define the behaviour (and misbehaviour :-) ) So, you need too take a deeper look into the markup and possibly the code behind it to fix it. There are virtually just as many menu implementations out there as the number of EPiServer licenses sold (ok, I'll admit many of them look alike). /Steve
Aug 30, 2006 22:51
it smells like a css problem...
Aug 30, 2006 23:14
Yes, I look into the css. Hard to see though if the problem is solved when I don't have any problems myself... Thanks to you both.
Aug 31, 2006 7:54
I have to have some more input... Now I heard that it is only one link in the menu that shows false behaviour. The others look just fine. And they have other faults I don't see, as pictures that shows up over text, logotypes missing etc etc. Can it be something at their side? I have checked internet options, screen solution and more but I am stuck. Ulrica
Aug 31, 2006 11:15
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