Language fallback

Hi! We have a multilingual site in EPiServer 4.61 (svenska (MasterLang), norsk, english) and a fallback like: svenska -> norsk norsk -> svenska If we try to get a page that only exist in swedish with this: PageData page = Global.EPDataFactory.GetPage(pageLink, LanguageSelector.Fallback("EN",false)); Then the GetPage will return the swedish page... (Shouldn't it throw an exeption "page doesn't exist in english"). GetPage should only return the swedish version if we use "true" in the fallback (Return master language a last resort) What we wan't to achieve is to check if a page exists with my language or in the fallback language. My second problem is that the the LanguageSelector.Fallback doesn't work with FindPagesWithCriteria either. We want to get some pages with FindPagesWithCriteria, but only the pages of my language or the fallback language. Have anyone used the LanguageSelector.Fallback with a simular configuration? /Jonas
Dec 14, 2007 13:24
This is now registred as a bug in EPiServer 4.61 enableMasterLanguageFallback in LanguageSelector.Fallback() does not affect results for GetPage(pageref, iLanguageSelector)
Dec 14, 2007 14:00
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