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Configuring EPiServer Enterprise Edition after already setting up first site.

Hello, We have an issue where we have developed and setup a site more or less completely. We have the Enterprise Edition of EPiServer and now we want to add a new site that uses the same codebase, is there anything special we have to think about when doing this so that we don't break the already existing site? Or is it just to follow the steps under "Install Multiple Enterprise Web Sites" in the Technote "Configuring EPiServer Enterprise Edition"? Best regards Martin
May 21, 2007 15:17
I have one not documentet tip. When you install the new site (not the first one) and you have the IIS set up, you can enter the \Admin mode and do some change in the System Settings tab. Then EPiServer writes the section and all appsettings in web.config to the new site for you. I don't remember quite, but you may have to set the sectiongroup first in web.config to get this to work. Then you can only change the EPnStartPage and you are up and running. As long as they are usning the same codebase you don't have to set up cache listners as mentioned in the technote. /Øyvind
May 25, 2007 13:46
My concern in a bit more detail is this. I have a site that works fine with a number of pages and everything. Now we want to turn this site into an enterprise site since that's the type of license we have. What I do is this. I add the Enterprise-parts in Web.Config described in "Configuring EPiServer Enterprise Edition". Then I go to admin mode of that site and save system settings for the site, these settings gets saved alright to the new Enterprise section of Web.Config. At least I guess so, don't have EPnStartpage-attribute which I need perhaps? Anyway, if I then go to the url for the site I'm asked to choose which content I want to install on the site, even if the site is already setup the way i want it to be. This is the part where I'm not sure about what to do. I don't want to install new basic content for the site. Any ideas? Best regards Martin
May 29, 2007 13:21
I added a EPnStartPage attribute to the Enterprise section of Web.config and now I don't get the basic setup page at least, perhaps that's all I had to do? /Martin
May 29, 2007 13:29
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