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Stored Procedures som körs ofta

Har lite prestandaproblem i ett projekt där det är två stored procedures som kör väldigt ofta. Dessa är "netQuickSearchByExternalUrl" och "netQuickSearchByPath". Bägge dessa har som inparametrar samma sökväg. När körs dessa procedures och varför? /Emil
May 14, 2007 15:59
The stored procedure is invoked by calls to the functions FindByExternalUrl and FindByPath in the class EPiServer.DataAccess.PageQuickSearchDB. As those functions are public, they may be called by any code in the solution. EPiServer itself uses those functions in the ExternalUrlModule, which implements the function "Simple address to page", so if you have alot of requests coming in that refers to such "simple address to page" you will see those stored procedures be executed alot too. Regards, Johan Olofsson EPiServer AB
May 14, 2007 16:24
Basically, if you have lots of request coming in to resources other then "aspx, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, js, htc, css, ico, axd" which cannot be found (404), then you will see lots of those calls. If you have recently deployed a new EPiServer site for an existing domain, you should expect all the crawlers to generate lots of 404's for all the old links that do not work anymore. /Steve
May 14, 2007 23:48

You also get this problem if you use your own http handlers and for example use the ashx-extension for this handler (or any other extension than is not hardcoded into the ExternalUrlHandle, the hardcoded once are "aspx, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, js, htc, css, ico, axd").

You can get around this though by either turn the module off compelytly (which seems to be the best option since this module seems to be pretty bad designed) or by adding this undocumented(!) configuration to your web.config and exclude all extensions in the value-attribute that is used by your http handlers:

<add key="EPsExternalUrlHandlerSkipFileTypes" value="aspx, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, js, htc, css, ico, axd, ashx"/>

Thouse stored procedures do unindexed table scans as soon as a file with an "unknown" extension is called that either is treaten by another http handler or is missig on disk (goves 404, which can case any big site to complety collapse if you get lot of requests to http-handlers or files that do not exist on disk.

Oct 15, 2009 15:29
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