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EpiServer 4.61 Development Environment

Hi, I've been tasked with setting up a development environment for our developer to work on a new Episerver powered site. Its a standalone setup with XP Pro, SQL2K5, and VS2005. I'm having an awful time setting up episerver on the machine (with the default templates, etc) and have it editable via VS2005. I've been through the installation instructions time and time again without success. Does anyone have a list of steps for this sort of setup? or do I have to give up and rebuild the machine with WIN2K (not my prefered option). Cheers for your help!
Jun 20, 2007 17:23
Hi Paul, I feel your pain, I struggled getting it all to work on my XP Pro laptop too. From memory, I had various problems with the default ASP user not having the correct permissions to access the EPiServer sample web files. I also had to delete my "Guest" user in order to login to EPiServer. Routinely (every few days), my EPiServer site dies as there is "no more space in the Event log". I have to clear out my event log to fix this. That's only a minor problem though. I run v1.1 in order to get round IIS's XP limitation of only one website. I don't recall any problems editing files in Visual Studio though - once I could log in to the EPiServer admin centre my problems were virtually all over. What exactly can't you do? /\dam
Jun 20, 2007 17:38
Cheers for the heads up on the IIsAdmin tool, helpful! After installing episerver into a new IIS website I am getting the big red error message 'Server Application Unavailable '. Im at a loss!!!! Paul
Jun 20, 2007 19:38
This is probably no help to you but I run Windows XP on my Macbook, SQL Server Express and Visual Studio 2005. No problems at all. Make sure you have .NET frameworks installed properly. If you are installing .NET2 version of EPiServer, make sure your IIS instance is set to .NET2 aswell. If you can't edit the files in VS2k5 the permissions must be seriously wrong on your setup.
Jun 22, 2007 12:10
Hello. I just want to push for the Most problems related to installation and configuration should now be documented in a FAQ. If you can't get help there you can contact us at episerver support, but most times we just send a faq link... :-) A short list is, 1. Install 1.1 and/or 2.0 and do iisreset. 2. Configure the sql server correctly I've got Shared memory, Named Pipes and TCP/IP Enabled, and VIA Disabled. 3. For win xp: Disable the guest account. 4. Now it shouldn't be a much of a problem installing episerver with the manager. Regards Per EPiServer support
Jun 28, 2007 10:02

Hi everyone, 

I installed EPI server CMS 6 and I have Visual studio 2008 installed. I can added any EPI server project in visual studio. My concern as a beginner is how to get to admin mode and edit mode. I watched one video and that guy went to any web site and accessed from there the EPI server CMS. What kind of web site is needed to go in order to access to Admin or edit mode in EPI Server CMS ? 

Any help will be appreciated !!!


Kind Regards, 


Jan 22, 2011 20:49

The above question is solved now and fortunately my EPi server platform works !

Jan 29, 2011 12:08
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