Sort order

Hallo all :) Is it possible to have two columns to sort after? I want to first sort after column A, and if there are more of one item in A, I want to sort after column B. I’m using a pagetree to present the data and doing one sort. So can that be done? :)
Jun 04, 2007 14:02
Hi Henrik! You should be able to do this programmatically in the codebehind by adding another FilterEventHandler to the Filter property. For example: using EPiServer.Filters; PageTree myPageTree; // assumes id="myPageTree" in markup FilterPropertySort propertySort = new FilterPropertySort("PageCreated", FilterSortDirection.Asc); myPageTree.Filter += new FilterEventHandler(propertySort.Filter); A clean solution would be to create a new webcontrol and let it derive from PageTree and override the CreateSortFilters() method to implement multiple SortBy (possibly separated by , ). Regards, Johan Olofsson
Jun 05, 2007 9:38
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