Create a new page programmatically

Hi, I'm developing a Intranet with Single Sign-on, where we are letting users create new pages without having to go "backend" in EPiServer into Edit mode. This I have done by creating a link on the web page using the following code protected string NewNewsArticle(string width, string height) { string pageURL = "/edit/NewPage.aspx?pagetype=OrdinaryPage" + "&id=" + CurrentPage.Property["NewsListID"]; return " New page/></a> 1. NewPage.aspx (and EditPage.aspx) have several input properties. " pagetype' is one, 'id' is another and 'mode' is a third. what is 'mode' and what other properties can i use? 2. if i do not use 'pagetype=", I get the page where I have to select which page type I want to use. How can I manually choose what pagestypes are to be displayed? I tried e.g. " pagetype="OrdinaryPage,PageList,NewsPage'," but that didn't work. 3. what property do i have to use for not allowing users to publish article, but they can create them and send them for approval? />
Jul 27, 2007 17:13
Part 2 I just discovered RightClickMenuAttribute :) Since we are using Single Sign-on, DOPE mode is enabled on all pages as per default. This allows all users to access the right click menu. We do not want that :) I can turn off DOPE mode by setting EnableDope = false. But I only want to do that for specific usergroups. How can I do this? This goes throughout the system offcourse, but do I need to set this on every template (.aspx) page?
Jul 30, 2007 10:45
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