Createing a dynamic menu?

Hi, I'm new to developing with episerver, therfore my question migt seem simple. I've tried to search the forum for help but haven't found anything that helps me... What I want to do is to create a simple dynamic menu (like the ones you'd normaly use in 2.0) I'd like to do this from code behind, by accessing sub-pages (children) and maybe even their childpages, but I don't really know how to do this in episerver. (I'm NOT interested in using any episerver tree-control etc, instead I want to do it traditionally, so I know what I'm doing). I suppose one start by creating a reference to the current page, and then accessing properties (like pagename and link) "foreach" subpage. Then it would just be a matter of adding the menuitems to the menu control(which is no problem). But, how do I create a reference and iterate throw the diffrent subpages?! Some code would be nice! Hope someone can help me on this one.
Sep 06, 2007 10:46
We mostly use the default code for displaying EPiServer menues. See if u can figure out the Menu.ascx file. I've posted a thread in here asking if they could explain the different episerver:PageTree properties, as this is poorly documented. But it has not been explained yet.
Sep 06, 2007 15:58
Ah... didn't see the NOT interested statement.
Sep 06, 2007 16:06
You could try something like this: public static PageDataCollection GetNavChildren( PageReference parentPage ) { PageDataCollection navChildren = new PageDataCollection(); foreach( PageData page in Global.EPDataFactory.GetChildren( parentPage )) { if( page.VisibleInMenu ) navChildren.Add( page ); } return navChildren; } And you if you want to start from the site homepage, pass Configuration.StartPage as the input parameter.
Sep 06, 2007 17:44
Thanks Jeremy, Really nice of you to help out! I will try that code, and hopefully make it work! Steven, thanks anyway, for taking the time! /Andreas
Sep 07, 2007 15:00
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