Application Login painfully slow

We have created a site with custom login, using the login.aspx page. The login process seems to be painfully slow(around 75 seconds). We have done the code review, and everything seems to be fine. Can you provide some guidance for troubleshooting please?
Jan 22, 2008 13:57
Hi Natarajan! The best way of attacking such problem would be to reproduce the problem in the development environment and then either by simply singlestepping (while debugging) through the code to see the line thats causing the performance problem, or use a profiling tool to pinpoint what functions thats running slow. Profiling tools that we've had good experiences from are: RedGate ANTS and JetBrains DotTrace, both available for trial downloads. Note that running profilers significantly impacts the sites performance so its generally not a good idea to use them in production environments. If using a profiler is not an option and you cannot reproduce the problem in your development environment, one alternative is to use ADPlus from Debugging tools for Windows to take process snapshots of the worker process when experiencing the problems and then analyze the dumps using WinDBG with the sos extension. These tools are however quite "technical" and requires pretty deep knowledge on .Net internals as well as WinDBG commands and syntaxes, but can really help out in pinpointing performance problems. Regards, Johan Olofsson EPiServer AB
Feb 04, 2008 16:49
Thanks for the suggestion. i found that The filemanager placed on the homepage is creating this problem. It takes a while to load. Also, the postback which happens on expand/collapse of folders also impacts the performance. Can you please suggest some tips to handle these two issues ?
Feb 09, 2008 9:12
Ok, so is the problem related to users being logged in or not? Is the root you are using in the filemanager a unifieddirectory where access rights & versioning are enabled, and if so, how "big" (number of files/directories) do you estimate that directory to be? Regards, Johan Olofsson
Feb 13, 2008 10:33
Yes, since the dcoument library widget is on the home page which is causing the slow load after login. Yes, we are using unifieddirectory and access rights and versioning are enabled. Average files size(currently) vary from 10kb upto 4-5MB, but number of files(in each folder/subfolder) are more, average of 10-15 files per folder. The "FileManager" control is the one which causing the slow load. I have isolated the other code, and nailed down to this control after troubleshooting. I am using EpiServer 4.61 version for this site.
Mar 19, 2008 5:11
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