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I'm using EPiServer 4.62 and I'm experiencing a strange redirection made by /Util/NotFound.aspx

I'm ending up with a page (http://mysite/mypage) whose request was sent by /Util/NotFound.aspx?404;http://mysite/mypage. I have no idea where this url (http://mysite/mypage - which works but is not relevant) comes from.

I had a look at this page and was unable to locate the corresponding NotFound.aspx.cs, neither the EPiServe.Util.NotFound class in the VS object browse.

Does anyone has some lighting on how this works ?




Nov 03, 2008 16:05

In EPiServer 4.X, IIS is set up to send all 404 errors to the url /util/notfound.aspx EPiServer uses that page to retrieve everything from pictures and stylesheets to friendly url redirects.

Based on your description, I'm guessing you have a EPiServer page where "mypage" is set as it's shortadress.

If you want to override the 440 handling, you can have a look at the 404handlermodule at epicode ( 


Lars Øyvind Bodahl 

Nov 04, 2008 7:41

Thanks for your answer, I was looking in the wrong direction...

if the page /util/notfound.aspx finds several relevant content, what's the criteria for picking up the one to redirect to?



Nov 04, 2008 8:52

Not sure... There shouldn't be more than one "correct" content in a given contex. Don't think I've had that issue, and I can't think of any examples either... 

Nov 04, 2008 14:46
I'm getting the same error when i delete blog post and comment. I havent found a solution yet, did you get around it?
Nov 05, 2008 14:04
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