Adding a new property to PersonalizedData?

Hello, I would like to create new properties for the user such as interests (check boxes) or title (Mr, Miss..). Basically, we want to create a Registration form that stores the normal information on Admin mode (name, last name, email, etc), plus other information such as the examples given before. How can I do that? Might you have a sample? I only found limited information on PersonalizedData but don't have a clear idea of where to go next or where to put it. I don't know if this is a cs custom property or if I add code to the existing registration template, etc. Thanks. Victor
Feb 11, 2008 17:05
I might be answering my own question but I did the following: private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { if (!(bool)Configuration["EPfEnableFreeRegistring"]) { DenyRegistring.Visible = true; CreateEditUser.Visible = false; } else User = new UserSid(SecurityIdentityType.ExtranetUser); //Personalized Data if (PersonalizedData.Current != null) { // Print current value if (PersonalizedData.Current["MyTestKey", CurrentPage.PageLink] != null) Response.Write(PersonalizedData.Current["MyTestKey", CurrentPage.PageLink]); // Set new value PersonalizedData.Current["MyTestKey", CurrentPage.PageLink] = cbPress.Checked; } } I can see the true value stored in tblUserProperty. I assume that I cannot really see the value through admin mode and will have to create a template to retreive these values, right? Thanks. V
Feb 11, 2008 17:47
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