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EPiTrace - confusing installation instructions


I am very confused about how to install EPiTrace In the Användarmanual/Users Manual it says that I have to do a lot of things manually beginning with installing EPiTrace via the EPiServer Manager. It also says that I have to configure EPiServer Log Service by manually copying files and changing stuff in config-files. But when I look at another document called 'Installation instructions for EPiTrace' it says that I only have to download the installation zip file and install it via the EPi Manager and run a SQL-script. Is that it? No need to do the other manual stuff? If so, someone should please update the Användarhandbok/Users manual.

If I try it the Användamanual/Users Manual way the instructions gets confusing. Amongst other things it tells me to copy EPiTrace.Analyzer.dll from the folder /EPiTrace/Analyzer/<version> but I can not find any file or folder named that way even though I have installed EPiTrace via the EPi Manager. The Användarmanual/Users Manual also tells me to create a page of page type EPiTrace, but I can not find that page type either.

Can someone please help me figure this out?

Jul 30, 2008 14:37


The instructions on how to install EPiTrace is found here: 

The user manual that is available here on EPiServer world is for version While much of the information there is still valid, the installation instruction is not correct. For there shouldn't be any need to do the manual work.


Jul 31, 2008 11:34

Thank you for your answer. You can also find two user manuals for version on EPiServer world. You should revise those manuals, Users Manual - EPiTrace and the one in Swedish Användarmanual - EPiTrace  since they contain instructions on how to install EPiTrace that are no longer valid.

What is the next step I have to do after installing EPiTrace via the Manager? Do I have to create a page of type EPiTrace or just surf to the EPiTrace.swf file? As I mentioned earlier the installation package did not create a page type called EPiTrace.

Aug 01, 2008 11:00

Well, look at that.. I didn't find those manuals before. You learn something new each day Smile

Yeah, I'll notify the team that handles documentation so they revise the user manuals. 


Regarding the installation, it should create a EPiTrace PageType for you and also create a page of that PageType that you can surf to. Did you remember to set a page destination during installation when you installed basic content?

Aug 01, 2008 14:58
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