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EPiServer Performance Issue with CMS R2


Hi Experts,

We are using EpiServer CMS R2, We are facing performance issue with Episerver.

We have identify that the SP name "netPropertySearchString" is highly utilize and consume lots of resources on Database server.

Our Live sites are become very slow.

Can you please suggest some points to improve site performance.

The one possible option that we are thinging is to enable EpiServer caching by putting following code in web.config file  

<location path="Global">
    <staticFile  expirationTime="1.0:0:0" cacheControl="auto" />

Please suggest any other approach to improve site performance.


Piyush Jain

Valuelabs (India)


Oct 20, 2009 16:32


The SP "netPropertySearchString" is used when you do a property search, for instance through FindPagesWithCriteria. Since that seems to be what is slowing your site down I'd suggest that you try to identify where this search is coming from. Once you find that look into the possibility of replacing the search with something else, or caching the result.

There are not really any general approaches to improving performance. Rather, as you did, try do identify what is taking up resources and optimize that particular issue.

As for adding caching to the file paths that's probably a good thing. However, it won't affect the problem you are having with "netPropertySearchString".


Per Gunsarfs
EPiServer CMS development team

Oct 21, 2009 9:58


"netPropertySearchString" is used by FindPagesWithCriteria when searching String or Long/XHTMLString values; And FindPagesWithCriteria can be a performance killer when used improperly.

I was digging around in our Support inbox and noticed people having problem after upgrading to EPiServer CMS R2 due to bug "#25759: EPiServer.UI.Edit.XFormSelect.LoadForms calls GetxFormUsedonPages twice per xform on each request."

So are you using too many FindpagesWithCriteria?
Or are you using alot of XForms?

 These links might help you sort out the problem,

// Steve talks about Performance and FindPagesWithCriteria

// Blog post about the XForm bug:

//An unsupported but usefull cache project:

Hope this helps



Oct 21, 2009 10:10
Dang Per you're fast
Oct 21, 2009 10:11

Hi Experts,

Yes, we are using  "FindPagesWithCriteria" method on each request of the page.

We have following senario :

We have one master site (i.e. control to all sites that we have) under that we have promo library.We are creating promos with link to one page in master site.

Then we have many child site (i.e actaul end user sites) there we are calling that promo using "page" property and on page rendering time we are replacing promo link to the child site page URL.

We are using "FindPagesWithCriteria" method to find page in related child site based on master site page, we are using one hidden textbox property for this master and child site mapping. 

As we don't find any other way to do this task.

Can you please suggest how to optimize "netPropertySearchString" SP or any other way that we can achieve the same.


Piyush Jain

Valuelabs (India)



Oct 21, 2009 13:25


I'm not 100% sure on what you are trying to accomplish. What is a promo library and could you clearify what you are trying to achieve?
Do you have an Enterprise site solution, how and how many sites. etc?

Regards Per

Oct 29, 2009 14:18
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