Issue regarding the URL with XML file (Urgent)


Dear All,

I am having a terrible issue when I am using slideshow pro with episerver.

Problem is: slideshow pro uses an XML file which should be placed under the same level as the pages are and this works fine as long as I use the following
uRL   http://localhost/myproject/Templates/myproject/Pages/WebForm2.aspx
a friendly url). Here i place the XMl file under the same level as my page webform2 is.

Now if  i use this page as page template, define the page type and run as friendly URL, http://localhost/myproject/en-gb/test/  the slideshow pro lost the lost the track of XML file.  

Everything is similar and it is just the change in the URL due to which it does not seem to understand where XML is. My website pages are under the Pages folder and XML file is under the same folder too. Please help as what should be the solution of this problem. Where should i put my xml file so that epi-server recognizes it.

http://localhost/myproject/en-gb/test/   (lost the track of xml file)

http://localhost/myproject/Templates/myproject/Pages/WebForm2.aspx (works fine)

please if someone can reply me asap. Many thanks in advance.


Oct 07, 2009 0:34

Hi Tony.

You could tell the Friendly Url Rewriter to not rewrite that template by using UnTouchedPaths. 


protected void Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) {    FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider.UnTouchedPaths.Add("myUrlPath"); }
Br, Tore 


Oct 07, 2009 8:11

Thanks Br for your reply,

The problem is, slideshow pro actually generates a flash file, and this flash file is acting as a banner in each of my page template. So All of my page templates are using this flash file. Does this mean i need to remove it for each templates?.

Somehow with the friendly url construct, it lost the track of XML file which sould be placed under the same Page Folder.

Please suggest.


Oct 07, 2009 10:41

Hi Tony.

How does this happen and do you integrate it with EPiServer? I have never used heard of Slideshow Pro before. Can you send the xmlfile in as a parameter to the flash or does it have to be in the same page folder as the template?

Br, Tore

Oct 07, 2009 16:31

Thanks for your reply. 

Yes, it needs to be placed under the same folder as the pages are.
and the flash file is actually generated by SlideShowPRo.
I am trying a way to pass the xml file to the flash as a parameter to the flashfile.

1. What is the best location to keep this XML file in the Epi-Server?
as I need to amend this XML file (XML file contains images) through an interface later too.




Oct 07, 2009 16:42


Is the flash file generated on the fly? If not I would put a reference to it on a page. Are you using the same file for all the templates? If that I would put a reference to the file on the startpage. But you will have to find a way to pass the xml file as a parameter to the flash.

Br, Tore 

Oct 08, 2009 8:04
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