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dynamic properties with xhtml-string



I have some dynamic properties in my EPiServer CMS 6 project. All dynamic properties works fine except those of type "xhtml-string (>255)". What happens is that the content of these properties aren't rendered in edit mode, but you can still add content, save and use it on pages. So its only a problem for editors. And, as I said, other dynamic properties works fine..

Any ideas?

Oct 06, 2010 10:20

If by rendered in edit mode you mean that it is displayed in the editor when you come back at a later time to edit it again, I can't reproduce this behaviour. Editing dynamic properties of XHMTL string type works just as expected (using the new TinyMCE editor, haven't tried the old one).

Oct 07, 2010 9:26

Thats exactly what I mean. I'm also using TinyMCE. Everything works fine with "normal" pageproperties. And other types (not xhtml) works both with pageproperties and dynamic properties.

Oct 07, 2010 10:21

Have you tried it on a fresh install / public templates?

Oct 07, 2010 10:29

I have the same problem.

When inserting a >255 xhtml-string into dynamic properties it doesn't show the tinyMCE editor, just the regular textfield.

It works great on normal pages though.

Jan 29, 2011 18:18
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