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Using EPiServer:MenuList forces page to try and login to Edit mode!!


Hi everyone

Something that's driving me mad but must be pretty obvious to everyone else so hoping someone can spot the problem :-)

We have a EPiServer:MenuList which we are DataBinding to in the code behind, using a reference to the Page stored in our StartPage.

When we JUST grab the page reference, the page loads fine for a non-logged in viewe.

However as soon as we attach the PageLink to our EPiServer:MenuList the page tries to force every viewer of the page to login to EPiServer - which is obviously not what we want!!

Permissions are set to Read for everyone so that is fine, so all I can think is that it is a security issue, but why and where????

Code below and any thoughts welcome (before I go mad...)



        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string languageBranch = CurrentPage.LanguageBranch;        
            PageData jewellerHomepageRoot = EPiServerHelper.GetPage(Configuration.Pages.JewellerHomePages.PageLink, languageBranch);
            this.TopCarouselMenu.PageLink = jewellerHomepageRoot.PageLink;

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)        {

string languageBranch = CurrentPage.LanguageBranch;

PageData ourHomepageRoot = EPiServerHelper.GetPage(Configuration.Pages.JewellerHomePages.PageLink, languageBranch); 

this.ourMenuList.PageLink = ourHomepageRoot.PageLink;



May 09, 2010 18:59

Are you sure that all pages below tha page you set as pagelink has read rights for everyone? The menulist tries to list all children to the pagelink page.

If you by "just grab the page" mean a GetPage call and you do it in CMS5 or 6 the accessrights check is removed so as long you don't try to present it with an EPiServer webcontrol it will display.


May 09, 2010 21:00

Hi Per

Thanks for your reply.

Yes by 'grab the page' what I meant was that if I simply have the code just get the PageData of the page then no error/login requirement is generated.

However as soon as I try and attach that PageData to the EPiServer MenuList control, the login box requirement appears.

I will double check permissions as you suggest and see if that is the issue...


May 10, 2010 11:17
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