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publish and unpublish event and icons


Hi Guys,

Currently have a function on one of our sites where a page and its child items can be published and unpublished programmatically (through a gui plugin).

I have a couple of questions on things I'm trying to do:

1. The publish code works in that the items are published, but the interface doesnt reflect this change for a period of time (due to the cache i assume), is there a way to jump start this so to speak?  We publish but creating a clone of the page and then using the datafactory instance to the publish the clone.

2.  When pages are created and unpublished they have the thumbs down icon.  I would like to do a reversal of the above process where I unpublish the page and the thumbs down icon reappears.  Is it best to unpublish by again using the datafactory instance to this time SaveAction.Save a clone and populate its StopPublish flag (again cms interface doesnt seem to reflect these changes). With the code i have I have unpublished items listed in the main content window, but the items in the tree dont reflect this and no thumbs down icon is present.

Code i use for publishing:

DataFactory.Instance.Save(stockContainer.CreateWritableClone(), SaveAction.Publish);


Code for unpublishing:

PageData cStockContainer = stockContainer.CreateWritableClone();
cStockContainer.StopPublish = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1);

DataFactory.Instance.Save(cStockContainer, SaveAction.Save);


any help much appreciated.

May 13, 2010 11:22
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