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Same content of page in different sites using single license(with language branch)


Hello ,

I have multiple sites with single license i.e one site per language branch.  For eg: In english language branch there is one start node which is main site , then in swedish language branch there is another start node which is another site and so on ..

Now I have to make one page (suppose Press page) whose content should be common in all the sites i.e if I make change in the content of that page in the main site then all the other sites should also have that content for that page. As look and feel of all the sites are different I have created different pagetypes for the page thereby creating different page in site (i.e per language branch).But pagetype contain same page properties.

Can anyone please assist that is there any way to achive this scenario ?

Thanks in advance.



Jul 11, 2012 8:18


For single pages I would use the 'Fetch Data From' function. You'll find that under the 'Shortcut' tab on each page.

If you also want all the children to 'Press page' you could implement a custom Page Provider


Jul 11, 2012 16:12

Thanks Johan for quick help.

Yes , I want that along with Press page data update, if any new page is created under Press page then that should be created in other sites.As same press/news need to be displayed at all the sites ,I want that if I create it in one site then there should not be the need to create same pages in all the different sites manually i.e. they should be created / updated while making change at only one site.

So as per your suggestion , I should create Custom page provider where in I override create ,save , edit methods and implement the functioanlity of creating , saving and updating "press and its children pages" in other site (i.e. other language branch).

right ?

Please confirm my understanding.

As I am not using enterprise license ,my site does not support custom page provider.Is there any other way of doing it or I have to switch to Enterprise license ?



Edited, Jul 12, 2012 12:20

You could use the mirroring function.

Have a look at Mirroring 1.0


Jul 12, 2012 12:42
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