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Querystring Personalisation Visitor Group

Hi I was wanting a bit of direction on something I am trying to achieve.

I am wanting to send out a marketing campaign to customers with a personalised link eg.

Now the problem I have is that I would like the parameters to personalise the landing page. So I would say 'Hi Paul, get your 10% discount'. 

The thing I don't know how to do is personalise the content with the querystring parameters.

I was therefore wondering if anyone had attempted anything like this before?

I have seen the criteria pack( but this personalises content based on the content so it would need to be generic.

If any one has a solution please let me know, and I build it I will share.

Thanks Paul
Jun 09, 2016 0:24

Basically you have 2 tools you can use:

1. Use custom logic in you controller on landing page. If querystring = yadda yadda then add this text to viewmodel. You probably want a separate viewmodel as well then so you can add a few new properties like discount above or similar. See alloy site for example how to use a custom viewmodel.

2. If you also want different content that the editor can change for different querystring values, you can either add extra properties on the content type like Discount1 Discount2 etc and use logic in controller  to determine what to show to use OR use visitor groups. With visitor groups you can set up rules to let episerver determine what content to use.

Visitor groups give power to editors to create logic themselves. If you don't need that then it's usually easier to write a few lines in controller that checks querystring and outputs something based on that to viewmodel and view...

Jun 09, 2016 8:55
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