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Wizard in EPiServer Admin!


Hi champs,

I'm dealing with a client. They have a requirement to create a set of pages. Now they copy one existing one and paste it and change the values. Solution is not clean so I'm thinking to give them multi-step wizard. So they provide information require one by one and based on inforamtion provided create set of pages with specific hierarchy. I'm wonder anyone did this before. There are many altenative but I prefer to use EPiServer admin area but with our friend "Dojo" it seems hard to me. Just wonder if anyone have any experience.



Jun 16, 2016 5:22

The closest so far is creating templates for editors that can contain child pages. Check out

Other option is creating a separate folder structure they can copy paste from. Don't think there exist a neat dojo plugin wizard...

Jun 16, 2016 7:23

Thanks Daniel. Great stuff and I think this is great! But far away from what I'm looking for! I may try to build something very simple to see if we can have some of devs onboard as open source project. I think this can change the whole experience many customers currently experiencing. Happy to hear others ideas.

Jun 16, 2016 8:19

Hi, Aria,

What you could do is the following:

  • Create a page type called Setup with properties that would contain the settings for the structure and pages you'd like to build.
  • Then you hook to on-publish event for that page and create a sibling page and its children based on the properties of the setup page.
  • After you are done, you programmatically delete the Setup page from step 1
  • You redirect the user to the newly created page.

In the settings, you could have a reference to a page that contains a structure. We used this to build different types of groups (country, site, etc) - basically, these were pages with some structure that we mimic when we create a new group based on that structure. You could expand that with as many other properties, checkboxes or headings, etc. for your need.

The pro is that it's easily maintainable, since it relies on existing Episerver APIs and structure (no dojo either), the con might be that it might not work too fast if you have many pages, you'll need to test that and see if your editors can leave with the delay when they click the button.



Jun 16, 2016 10:08

Hey Marija,

Great approach. We are currently using similar approach but the problem is data needs to be enter is huge and there are some dependecy between data! for example if user selected value "Red" from drop down list we want to show one more step and this is impossible and the whole approach is kind of hack. But for short term works perfect :)

Thanks again,


Jun 23, 2016 2:18
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