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Multi site language setup with one top domain


I have a pretty unsual request for setting up a multi market/language site in Episerver.

Today the client has a normal setup with a number of sites in Episerver, one for each country market. Each market has a few languages. Some markets can even share languages. All the market sites need to have their own page tree since the content is too unique for each market.

For example.
Swedish market site has swedish as base language and is available on english as well. Uses .se domain.
Finnish market site has finnish as base language and is available on english and swedish as well. Uses .fi domain.

Now the request is to collect all the markets under one top domain; .com

What I'm looking for is a way to have a url like for swedish market in swedish, and then for swedish market in english. And I would have to find a way to redirect swedish visitor to, finnish visitor to and so on.

Edited, Feb 07, 2020 16:09

Hi Fredrik, I think that can be done, but the page tree might become a bit messy. I would try and consolidate the sites to share as much structure as possible.

I think all markets need to share the same startpage (but that doesn't of course mean that it have to look the same for all). Below the startpage you can have pages/structures that are the same for all languages, but you can also have pages/structures that are only published in a subset of languages.

The tricky part is that you want non-standard locales, for example en-SE. If I remember right, Episerver can only use the locales that are available in Windows on the server. Unfortunately, I think you can only add custom locales to an on-prem server, but on an Azure web app that is not possible.
You could also use another locale (let's say en-IN) and set the Web address prefix in Episerver admin mode to "en-SE", or whatever you prefer. 

When the end-user visits the start page for the first time he/she can be presented with a list of the different country sites to visit. Set a cookie with the selected choice, and the next time you redirect the user to the country/language that was selected the last time. You can also use IP-lookup to make it simpler for the user to select the "correct" country/language. This solution is used on a solution I worked on recently.

Hope that helps

Feb 09, 2020 15:01
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